We are frequently asked what is the suggested donation for activities of the MN Buddhist Vihara. We cannot answer that question, because that would be like setting a price. The Buddha’s teachings are priceless. We offer our services here for Dana. What is dana? Its simplest meaning is “generosity.”

We practice dana by offering the teachings without a price tag. You can practice dana by making a donation to the Vihara; this temple is maintained solely by the generosity of people like you.

Donations can be sent via Paypal. Paypal lets you donate in US dollars no matter what your home currency is. To make a credit or debit card donation to MN Buddhist Vihara, please click on the Donate button below.

Please note that the button below will take you to Paypal, but you do not need a Paypal account to donate to the MN Buddhist Vihara — you can use Mastercard or Visa without having to create an account.


Dear Friends:

The Vihara has been providing a dhamma school, dhamma discussions, Sil observations, meditation sessions, blessings and offerings, language training and cultural activities to all communities in MN and surrounding states since March 2004.

Please be a member and help in developing this temple and continue expanding the services it offers. Such support would surely be a great meritorious act.

Any amount you can contribute would be greatly appreciated. You may contribute to the fund either periodically (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually) or in a lump sum, whichever is more convenient for you.

Your contribution will be tax exempt. Please make your checks out to “MNBV”.

Please print, complete and email or post the membership form.Download

Wishing you a healthy, joyful, happy and prosperous long life.

May all beings be well and happy with blessings of Triple Gem!!!

With Metta,

Ven. Witiyala Seewalie Thera

President/Abbot, Minnesota Buddhist Vihara Inc

“The Sangha upholds and teaches Dhamma, the path to Awakening. Lay disciples learn, practice and support the Sangha. With such help the Sangha can provide benefits from Dhamma to all the people.”

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